What being an NCRBC member means to you… and the betterment of the north central region.

One of the elements that gives our region such vibrancy is the abundance of service and volunteer groups that each, in their own way, contributes to the betterment of all of us. It includes everything from the Granville Rotary to the Mendota Lions, or the Princeton Optimists Club to the Streator Area Chamber of Commerce. Our various school boards and local government agencies also work to make things better.

At the NCRBC, we are asking you and your group to partner with us. The basis of the partnership would be a shared desire to make things better. For being a member, we want to present at least two value added benefits:

  1. The North Central Regional Calendar and contact list.

    We will use this Web site to build what we hope will be the most comprehensive calendar of regional events and activities. E-mail us any and all of your scheduled events and meetings and we will put them on the Regional Calendar for all to see. As one service or volunteer group plans an activity, you will have a resource to know what else is happening at the same time that may conflict or enhance your program. As a member, this feature will be self-served in the future, meaning you will receive your own account with which to access this calendar and the NCRBC member contact list where all of the associated and affiliated organizations and volunteers will see your event and receive notification of your request. The details of what is possible will be ongoing and growing as we will offer workshops in the future for members to use these features to benefit their organization.

  2. The North Central Regional Volunteer Sharing Center

    As a partner, you will be able to post your event or request to the calendar, as well as e-mail notifications to all of the NCRBC coalition members, which includes all organizations and affiliates within our list of contacts, as well as potential volunteers. Lets say for example that Stage 212 has a play scheduled in the upcoming weeks and that they are a little short on volunteer ushers for a couple of the performances. Stage 212 could send us a request for help. It will then be posted to our calendar and notifications will be sent out. Maybe some members of Festival 56, or some other partner organization might be free and be willing to help. We’ll be the conduit for connection.

To Become a Partner

Thank you for considering joining us in our mission to create and facilitate a means for new educational, cultural, and economic opportunities in North Central Illinois; to partner and network with other individuals, groups and agencies to enhance our present strengths and promote these advantages.

As a member, you can look forward to collaborating with all of the existing regional organizations to help facilitate betterment projects. Currently, we are pursuing projects related to arts, education, volunteer support and recognition, and retention of our best and brightest students.

Why is NCRBC membership important to you?

  • Contributes to the quality of life in the Illinois Valley area;
  • Creates a shared common ground between your organization and the NCRBC;
  • Makes available a web-based community calendar on the NCRBC Web site
  • Offers opportunity for partners to take advantage of the North Central Regional Volunteer Sharing Center. Post your needs through the Web site and tap into a much larger pool of individuals committed to service and volunteerism;
  • Provides a greater awareness of other great causes and events for which members of your group may decide to volunteer!
  • Serves as conduit for collaboration of all parties who have a shared common interest.

Tax-Deductible Annual Membership Fees

  • Individual: $10
  • Service Organization: $20
  • Business: $40
  • Student: Free (non-voting member)

Become a member now

Members will receive e-mail correspondence regarding your membership dues as well as an introductory e-mail from a NCRBC member.